Star Parisian furniture maker at John Nicholson

A pair of tulipwood, marquetry inlaid and ormolu guéridonsA superb pair of tulipwood, marquetry inlaid and ormolu guéridons by one of the best haut luxe Parisian cabinetmakers of the late 19th century look set to be a highlight at the Fine Antique sale at John Nicholson’s of Fenhurst on June 2nd,

The Surrey-based auction house has given the pair an estimate of £20,000 to £25,000.

Joseph Emmanuel Zweiner’s (1849-1895) 15-year career in Paris saw his rococo-style designs top the exhibits at the 1889 Paris Universal Exposition, where they won the gold medal and judges described them as among the first rank for richness of design, finish and decoration.

Zweiner’s other great contribution to the history of cabinetmaking is that he is thought to have been the ‘German master’ who took on François Linke – an even more celebrated furniture maker – as an employee, helping him to develop his talent.



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