Antiques Trade Talks – Max Beaumont

Max Beaumony auctioneer and valuerMax Beaumont is an auctioneer and valuer, formerly of Cottess Auction where he spent four years, and one of the youngest auctioneers in the UK.

What areas and items are currently selling well?

Small collectables, wristwatches, pens, coins, badges, medals, jewellery, silver, ephemera and mid-century Decorative Arts seem to be what buyers want at the moment. Obviously anything of quality will always do well in any marketplace.

What do you think are the current ‘good investment’ items for 2017 – ones to watch?

Watches, if you pardon the pun! Makers such as Omega, Jaeger Le Coultre, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier and Breitling seem to be a safe investment with prices appearing to be increasing year on year.

What antiques do you have at home?

I don’t like to think I’m a hoarder… but!! I have got things scattered about, with a real interest for Decorative Arts and silver!

What do you think will be the antiques of the future?

If only I had a magic ball! But I have to say jewellery and watches, gentleman’s accessories and smaller collectable antiques seem to only be gaining in value.

How is the industry changing?

More and more people are buying items online via marketplaces. We are in a time where it seems people want things instantly and aren’t prepared to wait around anymore. Its convenient and we all lead busy lives. This has been the joy with online as things are at your fingertips with a touch of a button… and usually from the comfort of your own home.

Tell us some trade secrets – what are your top tips for buying antiques?

I was always told by an old client of mine: “Always buy quality and you will never go wrong, my boy”. I have stuck to his advice and it has never failed me yet. Always buy what you like and, of course, what you can afford, as long as you like it that is the main thing.

What antiques/artworks would you buy if money were no object?

Crikey, that is a tough one! I really like the art works of Padraig Macmiadhachain, born in 1929, Ireland. He has lived in the Isle of Purbecks for the last 40 years so I would start off by purchasing several of his works. I also like Geoffrey Dashwood’s sculptures of birds and David Linley furniture.

You’re down to your last 50 quid – what would you buy?

Straight to auction to try and purchase a nice small piece of silver or a piece of Decorative Arts. Something tactile.

Where are your favourite antique hunting destinations?

A good provincial fair. Shepton Mallet and Kempton Park are my personal favourites. Such a buzz, but I spend most time wondering around talking to old friends.

What are some of the biggest mistakes that buyers make?

Not going that extra bid on a special item… when I am on the rostrum!

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