Cracking set of Russian Easter Eggs

Peter Wilson auctioneer Chris Large with the Easter eggsIf you can’t afford a bejewelled Fabergé  Easter egg, made for the Russian Tsars, Cheshire auctioneers Peter Wilson has unveiled a much more affordable alternative: a set of Russian nesting eggs.

The set includes an incredible 34 layers that range in size from 16 centimetres to just 2 millimetres. ,

It was probably made in Russia in the style of that country’s famous nesting dolls, with the eggs dating from the early 20th century. They were fashioned from softwood turned delicately on a lathe and then stained in a rainbow of colours. And true to the skill of the craftsman who made them, they each fit inside the other perfectly.

“They are simple, yet beautiful things,” auctioneer Chris Large said, “Made with such delicacy that would be hard to repeat. Sadly, nothing is know of their history, but they would make a truly unique Easter present.”

Estimated at £80-120, the eggs will be offered in Peter Wilson’s two-day Spring sale of fine art, antiques and collectors’ items on April 26th to 27th.

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