Antiques Trade Talks – Dominic Strickland

Dominic Strickland of Michael German Antiques at BADA FairBADA member Dominic Strickland of Michael German Antiques is based in a gallery at Kensington Church Street, London, where visitors can explore the fascinating selection of arms and armour, walking canes and maritime and whaling works of art on offer. We caught up with him to explore his life in the antiques trade.

How many years have you been in the antiques business?

22 years

Why should people be interested in antiques?

Antiques adds a dimension to your life, become a passion and hobby, and are historically important

What areas/items are currently selling well?

Antique walking cane with silver snakeshead handleantique walking canes, arms and armour and maritime artefacts

What do you think are the current ‘good investment’ items?

Items in fine condition, and currently items that are top examples in their field

Which are the ones to watch/future?

Antique suit of armourItems that new collectors and investors will find interesting

What antiques do you have at home/collect and why?

Nothing I deal in! You have to separate the two, but too many passions to list!

What do you think will be the antiques of the future?

Not things your grandmother had, but things you currently have

How is the industry changing and what will it look like in the future?

It’s changing fast, collections will be more fluid and information about items easier to research and follow

Tell us some trade secrets – what questions should buyers be asking?

Why did you buy that? A rare object, a passion, or fancy, which do you value higher? Put on the spot, I think you should be able to provide an informative answer to this which should connect the buyer to what you have felt about the item you are selling – or should I say parting with!

The handle on an antique walking caneWhat antiques/artworks would you buy if money was no object?

Ones that truly spoke to me. If money was no object, it would not matter their worth, so one’s judgement would be made by how you respond to an item, hand if your open-minded, then you should end up with a fairly eclectic collection

You’re down to your last 50 quid – what antiques/art would you buy?

A pencil sketch of a notable vista, drawn with a steady hand and inquiring mind! Found A pair of antique spursin a pile of pictures that most have overlooked. Frequently seen in portfolios or group lots at auction!

Where are your favourite antique hunting destinations and why?

Portobello Road is still good, great knowledge down there and always a good fry up at 7.00am which you can’t get at home!

What are some of the biggest mistakes that buyers make?

Disregarding the pleasure that a single object can give you when considering its material value.

Are antiques attracting younger buyers and, if not, how can the industry reach out to them?

Not as many as we would like. Antiques have to be seen to be fun, a good companion for life, and a worthy way of adding to your life environment

Find out more information about the BADA Fair, taking place at Duke of York Square from March 14 to 20 here.

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