Cartoon of famous artists at Petersfield Antiques Fair

The upcoming Petersfield Antiques Fair will feature a unique cartoon drawing of the famous artists Laura Knight and her husband Harold Knight, which will go on sale together with an important oil painting priced at £125,000 at the event in the Festival Hall, Petersfield.

To be shown by exhibitor Frank Wilson of Wilsons Antiques from Worthing, the cartoon drawing also includes a few sentences from Laura Knight to Morris and Marjorie Averill who became close friends after they purchased the oil painting Early morning at a gypsy camp at the preview of the Royal Academy summer exhibition in 1953. This historic note will be on sale for £1,245. It accompanies the painting that is now back on the market.

Painting - Early Morning Gypsy Camp for sale at the Petersfield Antiques Fair

Said Frank Wilson, “I am delighted to be offering such an important oil painting by one of our most important and famous artists together with a hand-written note that relates to its history. The painting is part of a series of gypsy camp pictures, of which several now reside in public galleries.”

Cartoon of Laura Knight and Harold Knight for sale at the Petersfield Antiques Fair

Forty specialist dealers take part at this popular event that offers pieces for every collector, from less than £25 to more than £25,000. All items are labelled with their price, age and description and carefully vetted by experts for quality and authenticity.

Regular exhibitor Sally Honey of Opus Antiques from North Devon will be showing 18th and 19th century wooden collectables, collectively called treen, including a charming and unusual antique jigsaw, the box titled A Dissected Puzzle. The fifty wooden pieces depict thirty-nine animals from the elephant to the mouse. Described by Sally as a charming educational tool, to help children learn the sizes and appearance of the animals, the jigsaw dates from 1840 -50. It will be on sale for £245.00.

The Petersfield Antique Fair has been running for more than forty years, organised by Penman Fairs since 1997. It is a popular fixture in the social calendar in the south of England. Visitors come from across the region and far beyond, seeking high quality pieces for their homes and collections.

The event takes place from August 31 to September 2.

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