Pre-war MG heads to classic car sale

A pre-war MG, bought as a wreck, has been lovingly restored and is now better than new, according to Dorset auction house Charterhouse who are selling the vehicle in their auction of classic and vintage cars on June 8.

MG VA classic car

The MG failed an MOT in 1969 and was rolled into a garage. The owner planned to restore the car and in 1970 it was partially dismantled. It remained in its dismantled state for the next 45 years until it was rescued by the current owner. Over the next 5 years the car was lovingly restored the car carrying out all the work himself apart for some engine work and a respray which he felt best left to the professionals.

The car before restoration

Having enjoyed restoring the car rather than driving the car, the owner has decided to let a new custodian use and enjoy the MG.

The MG VA rolled off the production line in 1939. Very much a sports saloon, with its 1.5 litre engine, twin carburettors and Art Deco interior, it was only made from 1937 to 1939 as the outbreak of war stopped production.

Estimated at £10,000-12,000, the restored 1939 MG VA look set to be a great addition to any car collection.

“To say the MG was bought as a project makes it sound much better than it was as it was in a very sorry state indeed,” commented Richard Bromell, auctioneer at Charterhouse. “Thankfully the owner was more than handy with a spanner and undertook a complete restoration of the MG.”