Silver spoons could shine in sale

A vast collection of silver spoons, from a deceased estate in Devon, is one of the highlights of the Charterhouse upcoming auction of silver, jewellery and watches in Dorset on August 1.

A collection of antique and vintage silver spoons

The earliest spoons in the collection date back to the 1650s, continuing on through the centuries into the late 20th century.

There are various examples set to go under the hammer, including seal top, commemorative, mote, berry, caddy, picture back and other spoons.

While many are English, spoons in the collection also come from further afield such as Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Holland, America, France, Africa, China and Japan.

“It is quite an incredible collection of hundreds of spoons which has been amassed over several decades from auctions, antiques fairs, silver dealers and, in all probability, junk shops, too,” commented Richard Bromell.