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Anna Evans is a director at Christie’s and head of the European works of art department. As well as valuing a number of items, from chess sets to garden statuary, she is an auctioneer at the South Kensington saleroom.

What was the first antique you ever acquired?

Anna Evans, Head of Christie's European works of art department.I grew up five minutes from my local saleroom, Paskell and Cann in Colchester, and regularly attended their auctions with my grandparents. When I was 16 I purchased my first antique from them, a 19th-century giltwood convex mirror. I enjoyed it for years and it survived university life but sadly got broken in a house move several years ago.

Why, and when, did you start in the business?

After graduating with a History of Art degree I was drawn to the auction world and was lucky enough to get a job at Christie’s in 2002 in the bids office. It was a great place to learn about the different sales and departments before I moved into the works of art department a year later.

Who influenced you most when you started?

There is no one person I can pin point, the antiques industry is full of highly experienced people who I have always found to be hugely generous with their knowledge. This includes my colleagues, expert consultants and the many antique dealers I have met over the years.

What piece would you still most like to find?

One of the best things about my job is the surprise element, I never know what unusual item I might be shown from one day to the next. I don’t have one piece I would like to find, rather I get job satisfaction from the range of wonderful items I get to see and the stories attached to them.

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