Antiques expert David Harper launches internet show

Celebrity antiques expert David Harper is joining forces with one of the North of England’s leading auction houses to introduce a brand-new, internet-hosted, antiques game show.

Elstob & Elstob – based in Ripon, North Yorkshire – is linking up with David Harper, who is well known to television audiences as a presenter on programmes such as Antiques Road Trip, Flog It, Cash in the Attic and Bargain Hunt, for the show which will be aired on his own YouTube channel.

Celebrity TV antiques presenter David Harper and auctioneer and antiques expert David Elstob
Celebrity TV antiques presenter David Harper (pictured left) and auctioneer and antiques expert David Elstob team up for a new online antiques quiz show.

“I have been involved with broadcasting for over 20 years and love entertaining audiences and sharing my passion for antiques and history,” said Mr Harper.

“Much of my career to date has been spent on TV and radio but I am now keen to take the familiar game show format online, for a faster, more informal and interactive feel that will reach even wider audiences.

“I wanted to base the show within an auction house setting and as I already had an excellent working relationship with Elstob & Elstob they were an obvious choice for a media partner. They also have a very innovative approach to buying and selling antiques and are always looking to try new things, which is very important for an experimental project such as this,” he added.

The show itself will involve two contestants who will compete in three separate rounds. The first two rounds will feature objects brought along by members of the audience on the day. These will be shown to the contestants individually who will be asked to describe what it is, how old it is, where it is made etc. When they have done this, fellow antiques expert and auctioneer David Elstob, will explain what the object is and award the contestants points based on the facts they got right.

In the final round, the contestants will be given an object to examine together while David Elstob describes it to the audience. He will then ask a question relating to the object and the contestant closest to the correct answer will win the point. Extra points will also be available during all three rounds for particularly funny or interesting additional information.

At the end of the competition, points will be added up and the winner will be invited to choose a prize from the auction house’s collection. There will also be a prize for the runner-up chosen primarily for its entertainment value.

Part of the show will be directed exclusively at the YouTube audience, when David Harper will describe an item and viewers can answer questions using an online comments section. A winner will be chosen after the show and prizes will be posted out anywhere in the world.

There will be an emphasis on audience participation throughout the show whether live in the saleroom or at home via the Internet.

“It is this bringing together of the ‘studio’ and global ‘online’ audience that is particularly ground-breaking in the world of antiques quiz shows,” said David Harper. “It will also be live and unscripted so should make very exciting viewing!” he added.

Any dealers, collectors or antique enthusiasts who are interested in being a contestant on the show should contact the auction house on 01765 699200 for more information or email:

The first series will be screened weekly from October 7 at 7pm on: