Roseberys Old Master, British & European Pictures sale

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On Wednesday 16th November, Roseberys are pleased to present an auction of Old Master, British & European Pictures. Lara Basirov, head of the department, has said of the sale: “This autumn’s auction is strong across the board, with a particularly fine offering from the ‘Old Master’ section. The auction unfolds with many outstanding examples of some of Europe’s most talented and historically interesting artists. I am thrilled to be offering up these 294 lots to the market, and immensely look forward to following their progress on 16th November.”

Sir Joshua Reynolds’ portrait of Sir Charles Pratt One stand-out lot of this Old Master, British & European Pictures auction is lot 143, an arresting portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds’ studio which last appeared on the open market 30 years ago. Since 1992 the piece has been hanging in the Mayor’s Parlour of Camden Town Hall. The painting relates to several other portraits of the sitter – Sir Charles Pratt – made by Reyndols. Pratt was an important figure in Georgian judicial circles and the first to hold the title of Earl of Camden. Lot 143 comes with an estimate of £4,000 to £6,000 (plus fees) and its fascinating origin is sure to garner interest.

Paul de Vos painting

Another highlight picture is lot 66, a striking and highly energetic painting by Paul de Vos which showcases the artist at his best. The painting’s complex composition is exceptionally executed, with strong detailing and ambitious finish. Dr Fred Meijer has confirmed the attribution of the artwork to de Vos, a master of hunting scenes, still lifes, and depictions of animals and birds. With a pre-sale estimate of £25,000- £35,000 this work really highlights de Vos’s expertise at capturing birds’ movement and his skill in capturing their frenetic behaviour.

Lot 43 is an impressive oil on canvas painting, whose re-confirmed attribution to Gabriel Metsu is highly important given how rarely the artist’s work enters onto the market. Dr Adriaan Waiboer has confirmed the authenticity of this small oil work, which dates to the mid-1650s and belongs to a long Dutch and Flemish tradition of tavern scenes. Such paintings would be commonly displayed in collectors’ homes, art dealers’ shops, and painters’ workshops. The master’s talent for still life is clear in the exquisite rendering of this painting’s details. This painting has a £20,000 to £30,000 estimate (plus fees) and is sure to be popular.

 Lot 233 is an exceptionally fine quality copy made after an original oil painting by Franz Krüger. Its quality suggests that it may have been commissioned by the Imperial court, and its creator – while not believed to be Krüger himself – was surely a brilliantly skilled painter. Krüger’s portrait was considered one of the best made of Tsar Nicholas and was frequently copied. This lot has an estimate of £12,000 to £18,000 plus fees.

Another Russian highlight is Lot 287 – Autumn in Crimea by Konstantin Kryzhitsky – which is an outstanding example of Kryzhitsky’s work. The Russian artist enjoyed the patronage of a leading military commander, and achieved the rank of Artist of the First Class and frequently exhibited at the Academy.

The next highlight lot is lot 11, an oil on canvas work by Giovanni Galizzi. Dr Frederick Ilchman of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston has confirmed the attribution. Galizzi’s works have long been mistaken for those of Tintoretto, whose influence on Galizzi is undeniable and it is likely that he worked in the Venetian master’s studio for a period. Galizzi worked in Venice for at least two decades and was a member of the Bergamasque Santa Croce clan. This painting comes with a £10,000 – £15,000 estimate plus fees.

Lot 37 is a charming oil on panel piece by the Dutch Master Adriaen van Ostade. The piece, relating to a small group of studies executed by Ostade in the 1640s, shows a peasant holding a jug. These pieces were intended not as portraits but as studies of physical types and expressions. Its attribution is confirmed by Dr Bernhard Schnackenburg, and the work comes with an estimate of £8,000 – £12,000 plus fees.

A second work by Adriaen van Ostade – Lot 38 – has also been authenticated by Dr Schnackenburg. This piece was rapidly executed between 1636 and 1640 and is a highly accomplished example of Ostade’s oeuvre. This work has a £7,000 to £10,000 (plus fees) estimate and it is a pleasure to have two such significant works by the Dutch artist on offer at this auction.

Our last highlight of the Old Master, British & European Pictures auction is lot 65 – a stunning example of the work of Dutch master Jan Both. The gorgeous landscape was once owned by the renowned English actor and playwright David Garrick and comes with a strong provenance across the 19th and 20th centuries. Both was a master of depicting light, and the warm, golden tone of the sky in this work makes this beautiful painting a prime example of the painter’s work. This wooded landscape has an estimate of £10,000 to £15,000 plus fees.

The auction will take place on Wednesday 16 November, at 11.00 am

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