Attic Self Storage launches free antique valuation service

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Attic Self Storage partners with Dickinson’s Real Deal’s Simon Schneider to launch free antique valuation service

New research by Attic Self Storage finds that seven in ten (73 per cent) of Brits have an attic or loft in their homes. However, 18 per cent can’t remember what they’ve stored there. While it might contain cardboard boxes or old mobile phones, there’s also a chance that people might have an antique or collectible gathering dust such as jewellery, art, rare books, or old paintings which could be worth a fortune – and might not even know it.

The innovative self-storage company is urging people to dig out their treasures and partnering with antique expert Simon Schneider who has regularly appeared on ITV’sDickinson’s Real Deal and Secret Dealers. People can submit images and description of their item until November 1 here. Simon will choose a selection of valuables and value them for free.

Simon Schneider, antique expert, said: “Knowing the value of your items is always good, whether you keen to sell it, insure it or if you’re simply curious. I can assess all types of items including ceramics, jewellery, books, paintings and vintage toys, so look under the bed, check out your attic and storage cupboards. I can’t wait to see what treasures Britons have tucked away at home!”

Sophie Bagnall, spokesperson at Attic Self Storage, said: “We love hearing from our customers about interesting items such as family heirlooms and antiques that they’re safely storing in their units. We also recently saw a story about how somebody in Lincolnshire found a box of 122-year-old chocolate bars in their attic, which sold for more than £400! We’re excited to find out what other hidden treasures we can find in people’s homes.”

How to store and keep your heirlooms, antiques and collectibles safe

by Simon Schneider and Attic Self Storage 

  1. Clean the item 

Before putting your item away, make sure that you clean it and remove any dust that could impact the antique. We recommend a gentle tool such as a feather duster so that no harm is caused to the antique.

  1. Opt for an environment with a suitable temperature  

It’s ideal to store your antiques in an environment with a suitable temperature if you want them to be well-preserved. Extreme temperatures can impact various materials. For example, wood might become brittle or certain dishes might crack. Additionally, colours can fade and fabrics can dry out if they are exposed to direct sunlight. This includes photos, paintings, leather and paper so ensure that you’re store these items in an area with little to no light.

  1. Wrap it up 

When storing antiques, prepare your items properly for storage. For example, fragile items such as furniture, paintings and mirrors should be wrapped with bubble wrap. If the item has sharp corners, use cardboard corners for extra protection. Wrap artwork or paintings in thin acid-free tissue paper, before adding a layer of plastic wrap and packaging foam.

  1. Safety first

When looking at the best storage for your valuables you will want to find somewhere that is safe and secure, particularly if you are unable to keep it in your home due to space. Ideally look for a storage company that has CCTV, access to it 24/7 and electronic pin code access to your storage unit.