Jane Schulak and David Stark are Tastemakers for Christie’s

Christie’s is collaborating with the renowned designers and event producers Jane Schulak and David Stark as the Tastemakers for the inaugural international edition of The Collector online, in London, New York and Paris in April.

A celebration of the Decorative Arts, these sales are the first of a new bi-annual auction series selling concurrently across locations. This innovative evolution of The Collector unifies the auction calendar, reflecting the global nature of demand and providing new and existing collectors, dealers and decorators with an enhanced buying experience spanning the full breadth and depth of works offered.

The sales will open for bidding on 4 April, closing sequentially on 18, 19 and 20 April in London, New York and Paris, respectively. Pre-sale highlights exhibitions designed by the Tastemakers will be on view to the public in each location, demonstrating inspiring and relevant ways to enjoy living with and displaying decorative arts in dynamic settings of all periods. Estimates range from some lots offered with no reserve up to £180,000.

Comprising over 600 lots in total, The Collector sales series showcase important European, English and 19th-century furniture and works of art, silver, ceramics, glass, clocks and gold boxes from the 16th to the 20th century, which highlight the enduring craftsmanship and beauty of exceptional works of art. Jane Schulak and David Stark commented: “It’s an honor to inaugurate Christie’s International Tastemakers program for The Collector sales series, collaborating with their teams in New York, London and Paris to bring immersive installations of curated auction lots to life. It’s been great fun shining the spotlight on historic objects that are a direct path from the 18th century to the 21st century, recontextualizing them as surprisingly contemporary in an electric mix of juxtapositions.”

Nick Sims, Christie’s Global Managing Director, Classic Art, commented: “I am delighted that in response to demand in this category, we have improved the format of this important sale series to reflect the International buying needs of our clients. We have been privileged to collaborate with Jane Schulak and David Stark on this April relaunch, which invites us to look at precious pieces of history in a different and innovative context.”

Designer Jane Schulak is the founder and creative director of non-profit Culture Lab Detroit. She has served on the boards of the University of Michigan School of Architecture, Cranbrook Art Academy and Museum in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. She lives in Detroit. David Stark, president and chief creative officer of David Stark Design and Production, is an acclaimed event producer,  designer, and author. His books include David Stark: The Art of the Party, and his work features in numerous publications. His clients include celebrities, major corporations, and museums, and he has appeared as a party planning expert on such programs as Today and The View. He lives in Brooklyn.

In their recently published book At the Artisan’s Table Jane Schulak and David Stark present ‘stunning contemporary tabletop designs inspired by historical decorative objects from the world’s great museums paired with pieces by an international array of contemporary artisans who reinterpret traditional crafts and styles’ (Vendome Press).

“Treillage, reinterpreted in graphic fluorescence is the great connector between the three cities – grounded in history but reinterpreted with a pop sensibility. It works beautifully as a backdrop for all the objects in the sale irrespective of period and origin,” explained Jane Schulak and David Stark. They continued, “we assigned each city a different treillage color, but at the same time kept the walls and floors consistent between all. It was essential to establish a visual thread between the geographies, so that we were able to seamlessly incorporate such a wide variety of objects that might not otherwise find themselves in the same room. It was also important to find a way to add levity to the proceedings and avoid bowing to the pressure of freezing these objects in ‘period’ rooms. The unexpected pops of blazing colour give a context that is very NOW with a respectful wink to history.”

The pre-sale public exhibitions where people can see in person rooms styled by the Tastemakers will be on view in London from April 11-18, New York from April 10-18, and in Paris from April 14-20. Bidding on the over 600 lots opens April 4 and runs through April 18 in London, April 19 in New York, and April 20 in Paris.