Strong Asian art results at Roseberys

Two recent sales of Chinese, Japanese, South East Asian, and Antiquities, Islamic and Indian Arts realised over £2 million at Roseberys Auctioneers in London.

Under the leadership of Bill Forrest, Head of the Chinese, Japanese, and South East Asian Department, and Alice Bailey, Head of the Antiquities, Islamic, and Indian Department, the auctions showcased a diverse range of exquisite artworks and artefacts. According to the auction house the results can be attributed to a combination of key factors, as highlighted by the department heads.

Alice Bailey acknowledged the strong international market and the increasing demand for manuscripts, which are becoming rarer in the age of digitalisation. The appreciation for the arts of the book has grown significantly, bolstering the success of the auction. A medieval astronom ical manuscript offered in the Islamic arts section of the sale achieved an impressive price of £182,000.

Additionally, Indian contemporary artworks performed exceptionally well. Alice Bailey highlighted an exceptional contemporary Indian painting from the Bindu series by S.H. Raza (1922-2016) which sold for an impressive £312,000, serving as a high point in the sale. A private English collection of Indian miniatures also captivated bidders’ attention and fueled excitement during the auctions. Furthermore, the inclusion of a group of works with no reserve further intensified the competitive bidding and enthusiasm among buyers.

Bill Forrest emphasized the lifting of travel restrictions in China, which resulted in more buyers traveling to the UK for the Spring series of Asian Art sales. He also noted the excellent reception of Chinese ceramics, particularly porcelain, and the extensive range of items on offer, including two large and diverse private collections, which attracted widespread attention.

To attract potential buyers and ensure active participation in the auctions, the departments implemented various strategies. Leveraging Chinese social media platforms, Roseberys effectively engaged with the target audience. Additionally, a promotion event featuring a tea ceremony and a central London viewing of selected highlights provided a unique and immersive experience. The auctions garnered substantial coverage in the press, further boosting their visibility.

Both Alice and Bill recounted noteworthy moments during the auctions, where bidding exceeded expectations or resulted in competitive bidding wars. The aforementioned astronomical manuscript offered in the Antiquities, Islamic and Indian Arts sale rose from an estimate of £600-800 to achieve an astonishing price of £182,000.

Another memorable instance was the intense competition surrounding a magnificent pair of Chinese carved zitan elephant-form lantern stands offered in the Asian sale, selling for £71,500 after an intense period of bidding.

“The success of these sales reflects the ongoing success of Roseberys in developing specialist sales in the last decade, which are appealing to an international market,” stated Bill Forrest.