Tibetan bronzes shine at Bellmans

 16th century Tibetan gilt bronze figure of Green TaraBellmans Auctioneers has recently sold a private collection of approximately 30 Indian and Tibetan bronzes, with the lead lot soaring above its estimate of £2000-£3000 to fetch £32,000 (plus 20% buyer’s commission).

The rare and important 6th century Tibetan gilt bronze is of a figure of Green Tara, the female Bodhisattva seated in lalitasana with the right foot resting on a lotus flower issuing from a double lotus base. The figure’s right hand is lowered in varada mudra, while her left hand holds a lotus stem flowering at her shoulder. She has turquoise inlaid earrings, a base sealed (probably later) and is 12cm high.

15th/16th century Tibetan cast brass figure of KuberaThe same international buyer of the figure also earlier bought a c. 15th Century Tibetan cast brass figure of Kubera, the God of Wealth. Seated on a double lotus throne, the 14cm-high piece also went beyond its estimate of £3000-£5000 to finally sell for £19,000.

Bellmans’ Oriental specialist, Phil Howell, said, “It is rare for a provincial auction house to be entrusted with such a splendid collection. It has been a privilege to research and catalogue.”

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