Rock stars at Ewbanks

Precious rocks from out of this world will be offered in Ewbank’s sale of works of art and furniture on Friday, November 20.

The 70kg Campo del Cielo meteoriteA single-owner collection of 46 meteorites is one of the most unusual – and rarest – offerings the leading Surrey auctioneers have even been commissioned to sell.

Meteorites are debris from asteroids or comets that have survived impact with the Earth. Around 4,000 years ago, a shower of the space rocks occurred in Argentina over an area of 320 square kilometres, now known as the Campo del Cielo (Field of Heaven).

They came from a pure iron asteroid from the belt between Mars and Jupiter and Ewbank’s sale will feature one of the largest pieces, which at 70kg (174lbs) is so heavy it needs a custom-made steel table to hold it.

Exported prior to the recent ban on removing this material from Argentina, a specimen of this size, is becoming increasingly rare. Its many beautiful characteristics unique to meteorites include thumbprint-like surface features caused by melting during its fiery journey through Earth’s atmosphere.  It is estimated at £4,000-6,000.

Estimates for similar smaller examples start at £80 and the collection is expected to raise a total of around £25,000.

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