Nash woodcuts to make their mark

RichardBromwellTwo woodcut pictures by Paul Nash dated 1922, are estimated to sell for thousands of pounds when they go under the Charterhouse hammer on 22nd January.

“Paul Nash is one of the most important artists of the 20th century and played a key role in the development of Modernist art in England.” Commented Richard Bromell. “Rarely do you see his striking pictures come up at auction, but when you do, they are totally captivating which is why they are so highly contested by museums, collectors and dealers.”

15-12-NashThe two woodcut pictures estimated at £2,000-4,000 each, hung in the hallway of an Edwardian townhouse. They were surrounded by dozens of other black and white woodcuts and etchings, most of which are estimated at less than £50 and are also being entered into the s15-12-Nash-2ame Charterhouse auction.

Born in 1889, Paul Nash studied art at the Slade School of Art. Although he figure painting was deemed weak, he excelled at landscape painting. During the First World War he was an official war artist and produced some of the most iconic images of the conflict.

After the First World War he went on to produce formalised landscapes, but during the 1930’s he started producing landscapes in an increasing abstract and surreal manner. During the Second World War he was again an official war artist producing landscapes rich in symbolism. However, he had suffered badly with asthma and died in Boscombe in 1946.



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