Brits unwittingly giving away antiques


According to recent research by Direct Line Home Insurance Brits could be unwittingly giving away high value items such as antiques to charity shops or friends without realising their full worth. They could also be leaving their prized possessions exposed by failing to recognise the value of their home’s contents, including antiques and vintage items.


More than two in five (43 per cent) Brits own vintage or antique items, although almost half (46 per cent) admit they don’t know what they are worth. A further 41 per cent claim that the antiques or vintage items that they own are not accounted for in their home insurance. For some, such as the 17 per cent who own antique jewellery, these items may be priceless.

According to the research:

  • Two in five own antiques and vintage items but 41 per cent have not listed them on their home insurance
  • Almost half (44 per cent) of Brits admit they struggle to estimate the value of their personal possessions
  • 46 per cent don’t even keep receipts for expensive items
  • One in six have unwittingly given away high value personal items to friends, charity shops and other lucky recipients

The top 10 most popular antiques and vintage items owned by Brits are:

  1. Jewellery
  2. Vinyl
  3. Ornament
  4. Picture
  5. Vintage toys
  6. Comic books
  7. First edition books
  8. Pop memorabilia
  9. Sports memorabilia
  10. Table

Drew PritchardThe study also revealed that one in six (16 per cent) have unwittingly given away high value personal items to friends, charity shops and other lucky recipients and only realised they were valuable when it was too late. This includes items such as clothing, first edition books and ornaments.

Antiques expert, Drew Pritchard, says: “We are currently seeing a resurgence in traditional English antiques that are usually passed down through the generations. It is important to thoroughly inspect your antique, keeping a close eye on any manufacturer’s marks or imprints as this could make all the difference.”


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  • September 13, 2016 at 9:39 pm

    What is the definition of ‘high value’?


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