Brits searching for antiques

Antique furniture is in demand among Brits buying online, according to recent research by architectural antiques and fireplace specialists, Westland London.

Each month, British buyers are turning to Google and typing in the phrase ‘antique furniture’ 3,600 times in their search for rare and unusual items.

This search figure increases further when keyword variations are taken into account. However, while furniture makes it into the top three of most countries’ antiques wish list – France being an exception to that rule, with sculpture, jewellery and clocks floating French boats – only the USA shares the UK’s love of these most practical pieces of history. Americans make the same search a massive 10,000 per month, discounting any variations.

Britain’s second most popular form of antique is jewellery, with 2,400 searches covering everything from Art Deco to Georgian and earlier. It’s a passion shared by citizens of Germany, France and the Netherlands. However, first place for jewellery searches is India, widely recognised as a global hub for jewellery, which accounts for 6-7% of the country’s GDP . The country enters 8,200 searches a month in Google.

The third placed search term entered by British antique collectors is for ‘antique clocks’, which had 1,300 Google searches.


‘While it’s perhaps not surprising to see the same three categories – furniture, clocks and jewellery – holding the top slots in the majority of countries, the real interest lies where there’s variation. It just goes to show that although the world is getting smaller, every country still has its own distinctive character.’

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