Maurice Collins on antiques and interiors in 2018

Maurice Collins antiques collectorWith the return of the London Art Antiques & Interiors Fair next month, bringing together over 30,000 classic to contemporary items for the three-day event at London ExCeL, we caught up with some of the leading interiors and antiques experts appearing at the fair to ask what 2018 will look like for our homes and lifestyles. Maurice Collines, writer and antiques collector, explains why pieces related to WWI will be in demand.

“World War I was the most horrendous war ever, where millions died from both the allies and the axis. The very fact that the war ended 100 years ago should give a lesson to present generations that war is not a noble art, but an enterprise that should never be entered into lightly and something we should all learn from.

“What was amazing is the way that young men heard the call to arms, through the communication systems of that time – mainly ‘the poster’ seen in public places. In Britain, you were unable to move without seeing the call to arms in colourful presentations, patriotic words and even the negative approach of being branded cowards if you didn’t sign up for the King’s shilling. They, of course, worked, with millions joining up. And today they are of huge historical value and in 2018 there will undoubtedly be an increased interest in them with the centenary. In this 100th anniversary, seeing the original posters as would have been seen a century ago is, I hope, a real eye-opener to present generations.

“Poster buying is ever-increasing in popularity but where to start for those who want to buy original antique posters? 1920s and 1930s product advertising, which were aesthetic and reflects the product of the period, would be lovely on walls, as well as a really good investment for the future. Posters tell a story, covering historical areas of every aspect of life – from advertising products to informing on government policy, it really is a fascinating market to get into.

“There is no doubt that antiques are really a great financial investment but buy what interests you; not for the money-making possibilities. The area which I believe has a lot of potential is ‘ephemera’, which is printed material from the past. It is the real factual basis for social history and is inexpensive to get into collecting and holds the most amazing interest and fascination. Go along to fairs and see what is on offer, pick your subject area and you’ll be amazed at what you learn and how many items are out there to collect.”

Maurice Collins will be speaking on Poster Persuaders from world War One at the London Art Antiques & Interiors Fair on Saturday 13 January at 12.30 and Sunday 14 January at 1pm. The Fair runs from Friday 12 to Sunday 14 January. For more information visit 

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