Tribal sale offers private collections

A Wiltshire auction house’s upcoming Tribal Art & Antiquities sale will include items from a number of private collections, most notably the Dr Black North American and Inuit collection.

Woolley & Wallis in Salisbury will offer old bead work items, alongside more modern examples of Haida carvings, a sculptural tradition among the indigenous Haida nation of the northwest coast of North America; and excavated Inuit amulets and hunting implements.

The sale will also include The Dr Abouseif collection of North African and Ottoman jewellery, providing a fascinating insight to the skill of these craftsmen. Elsewhere, a small selection of Greenland models and toys collected by Quentin Riley, one of the ‘famous five’ explorers who took part in the British Arctic air route expedition of 1930-1931, will be offered.

Some of the sale’s highlights are:

Solomon Islands skull hut
A Solomon Islands skull hut made from reeds and leaf fibre with earth and applied shells with a black finish, containing a human skull, a shell ring and a shell. Estimate £4,000 to £6,000
Egyptian head of a woman
An Egyptian stucco painted head of a woman, Roman Period, circa late 1st – early 2nd century, with her face painted a natural pink and having enamel inlaid eyes, central parted hair and wearing a wreath with traces of gilt. Estimate: £3,000 – £5,000
Yoruba hand bell head
A Yoruba Ijebu hand bell of human head form with a part diced coiffure with three straight and one scrolled ribbed protrusions and a loop handle, the face with opposed crescents to the forehead, narrow almond shape eyes and double linear scarifications from the mouth, the conical neck with a concentric circle pendant necklace. Estimate £8,000 to £12,000

The sale takes place on February 19.

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