WWII pilot’s log books set to fly

The log books from a WWII pilot are being sold by Charterhouse in their specialist auction of medals, militaria, coins & stamps on November 31. 

Edmund Lockwood qualified as a pilot in 1938. By the outbreak of war in 1939 he had already an experienced pilot having flown many hours. 

In July 1940, he flew a Swordfish in several attacks on Tobruk harbour. On September 1, on another Tobruk harbour attack, he failed, with his crew of Sub Lieutenant Kite and Leading Airman Simpson to return. 

A WWII Royal Air Force pilot's log book

While it is not known whether the Swordfish sustained damaged or suffered a mechanical failure, the three men spent eight days in their emergency life raft finally making land near Tobruk where they were all taken prisoners by the Italians and spent the rest of the war as POWs. 

These rare Royal Navy Pilot log books, with his Mentioned in Despatches certificate and the telescope he used when he first joined the Royal Navy in 1938, are being sold directly from the family and estimated at £400-600.

“The two pilot log books chart the flying history of Lieutenant Commander Edmund Lockwood RN from 1938 to 1955,” commented Richard Bromell. “However, there is a gap between 1940 to 1945 as he was taken as a prisoner of war.”