Do you own an unusual piece of antique furniture?

Unusual antique furniture. Oak armchair.
Armchair. Oak. 1740-80.
The are clear indications that a pair of iron brackets was originally affixed to each side, just below the unusual square seat. It was evidently intended as a ceremonial chair. It seems likely that poles were run through these brackets and the chair would then be hoisted on the shoulders of supporters during a ceremony, the occupant being kept securely in place by the distinctly inward-turning arms. Taken from English Country Furniture by David Knell (Antique Collectors’ Club, 2000), p.325

Have you always wanted to know something about a piece of antique furniture you own, but never found the answer – what is it? How old is it? What would it have been used for?

Well, for a limited time, Antique Collecting’s managing editor and furniture expert, John Andrews, will be answering your questions. Author of British Antique Furniture and Arts and Crafts Furniture amongst many others titles, he is a recognised authority on antique furniture.

 What you need to do…

All you need to do is send us a good-quality, clear photograph of your piece, with an accompanying question, by the 20th January 2013. We regret that it will not be possible to respond to everyone, so only the most interesting items will be selected, and those questions will be answered in a feature on our website early next year!


We look forward to receiving your entries. Please email them to:

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