Holts to sell Wilkes gun

HoltWilkesGunHolt’s Auctioneers is selling a fine and virtually unused 12-bore sidelock ejector by London gunmaker John Wilkes.
“Quality, condition and provenance is the auctioneer’s mantra when it comes to placing a value on modern guns – and it’s a rare combination to have all three in abundance as we have with this gun,” explains Holt’s Auctioneers’ Chris Beaumont, adding: “In all respects it is a best London gun that has barely seen the light of day in its 32 years – and having been part of the one of the most remarkable gun collections ever to come to the market, the Tulchan Collection, it really does ‘tick all the boxes’. I guess it will be destined to continue as a collector’s piece – but I do hope it does get taken out at least occasionally.”

The shotgun features 28in. nitro chopperlump barrels, the breech ends with single gold line detail and engraved in high relief and gold-inlaid with climbing rose detailing, 2 3/4in. chambers, bored approx. 1/2 choke in both, slender fences, automatic safety with gold-inlaid ‘SAFE’ detail, gold-inlaid cocking-indicators, gold-washed internals, bolstered triggerguard, the action, lockplates and furniture finely engraved with acanthus scrollwork amid finely relief engraved and gold-inlaid climbing rose motifs, the screw heads and crosspin with floral decoration, the fore-end decorated en suite, the underside of the fore-end iron with further acanthus scrollwork and the serial number gold-inlaid in an unfurling banner, retaining virtually full original colour-hardening and finish, 14 5/8in. very highly-figured stock with blank gold oval escutcheon, weight 6lb. 11oz., in its brass-cornered oak and leather case with gold-tooled John Wilkes trade label, gold-washed accessories and a canvas and leather outer cover.

The sale will take place at Princess Louise House, Hammersmith Road in London on Thursday 18th June and the estimate for the gun is £20,000-£25,000.


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