Rupert the Bear annuals at Hansons

An impressive collection of Rupert the Bear annuals is expected to create significant interest amongst Rupert fans and collectors worldwide when they are sold at Hansons auctioneers soon.

Kevin Bucknall, Hansons' Antiquarian Book expertKevin Bucknall, Hansons’ Antiquarian Book expert comments, “This wonderful collection has been treasured for many years and each book is in excellent condition. The annuals are expected to make over £1000 at auction, with pre 1950s volumes worth up to £100  plus per issue.”

Originally hard back with a red cloth spine, these pre-war issues created by English artist Mary Tourtel, are now worth well into the three figure mark for good examples. The paperback annuals that were produced during the war are equally valuable as these issues were more susceptible to wear and tear, making them a rare find. After the war ended, and paper shortages were resolved, the hardback was re-issued and from 1950 to the present day the stories of the ‘Lost Little Bear’ are still being told.

Rupert the Bear annual In 1958, a boy was given a Rupert annual by his uncle and little did he know this would lead to many years of collecting pleasure. Over the years he collected a full set from 1936 to 2015 and Hansons Auctioneers are delighted to be auctioning off the issues from 1936 to 1957.

One of the annuals, a 1941 first war-time issue proved very difficult to find in good condition. In fact, the only available copy was brought back from America and will prove a major attraction.

The collection will be sold in the Juvenalia section of Hansons October Toys and Railwayana Auction on Tuesday 27th October.

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