Antiques Experts’ Christmas wish lists

From a mechanical elephant to an iconic lithograph, we reveal what some of the cream of the antiques industry hopes Santa will bring them this year.

LukeHoneyPaulNashLithoLuke Honey is a specialist in antique chess sets, backgammon boards, antique games and natural history.

“I would love Paul Nash’s Battle of Britain – the coloured lithograph printed by the Baynard Press for the National Gallery in 1941.”


LizTalbotElizabeth Talbot, is a director at auctioneers TW Gaze, as well as a television presenter.

FabergeElephant“The treasure I would most like to find in my stocking is one which epitomises the child-like magic of Christmas, while combining frivolity and humour; induces instant admiration and wonder; has no tiresome practicality
whatsoever and is presented in the most intriguing of teeny-tiny, heel-sized parcels which belies its amazing secrets. Therefore, in this exercise of wistful, wishful, festive thinking, I have indulged in an object from the Royal
Collection – an elephant automaton by Fabergé.”


KateThurlowKate Thurlow is a specialist in English and continental furniture from the 17th century

OakCoffer“The item I’d most like in my Christmas stocking (not that it would fit) is this rare Elizabethan joined oak coffer recently sold at Bonhams Oxford. In oak speak, the piece ‘stands very well’ and is beautifully proportioned.


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