Antiques Trade Talks – Jack Hesketh from Bombe Antiques & Interiors

Jack Hesketh of Bombe Antiques and InteriorsBombe Antiques & Interiors in Folkestone, Kent, is run by mother and daughter team, Jack Hesketh and her daughter Lily. The pair travel around Europe sourcing unique and beautiful items, ranging from English antiques to French, Swedish and Italian decorative pieces, from the 17th to 20th century. These are then supplied to private clients, interior designers and decorators, and hotels and restaurants.

What’s currently hot in the world of antiques and interiors?

Industrial style is very current, particularly big industrial lights.

What favourite antiques do you have at home?

A rather splendid Rocco mirror and a statue which featured one of the Hannibal Lecter films.

A Louis XVI chairWhat piece would you love to find and sell?

Something worth millions obviously! Probably to stumble across a painting by a renowned artist, maybe a Van Gough.

What has been your most exciting sale so far?

To date, the most exciting sale we’ve had (and our claim to fame) is selling two Irish stone heads to Shepperton Studios to feature in the remake of The Mummy with Jude Law.

Tell us your favourite antique hunting grounds?

Well that would be telling. But we do have a few favourite spots in France, however, exact locations are top secret at Bombe HQ I’m afraid.

What’s the best way to learn about antiques? 

Definitely hands on, you learn as go.

A 19th century marginal mirrorAny tips for buying in auction houses?

Have a look around and make sure you vet the items pre-auction!

Tell us a couple of trade secrets?

Well I don’t really know if this counts as a trade secret but it’s a very useful tip – you can’t carry a colour in your eye. Another little tip is that an old piece is often made up of different woods.

Brown furniture is supposedly in decline, do you seeing it making a comeback?

Definitely yes, the right piece is proving very popular.

There’s a perception that young people don’t like antiques – agree or disagree?

Disagree – antiques are becoming trendy. Our very own Lily is an Antiques Young Gun.

What’s the future for the trade – how do you see it changing?

The perception of antiques as an industry is changing. Previously it held connotations of being a largely male-dominated, slightly frumpy trade but nowadays there is an increase in younger, female dealers.


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