Top ten Suffragette memorabilia

With the commemorations to make the 100th anniversary of women over the age of 30 first being given the vote in the UK, with the passing of The Representation of the People Act in1918, Suffragette memorabilia, ranging from Suffragette banners and ‘Votes for Women’ sashes, to hunger-strike medals is in demand.

Antiques website has revealed its list of the most valuable Suffragette items in the current marketplace, along with buying advice from suffrage historian, book and ephemera dealer Elizabeth Crawford.

The list has the following items as the most in demand:

Suffragette Votes for women sashSuffrage Banner – £20,000
Hunger-strike medal – £10,000
Suffrage Poster – £7,000
Holloway Brooch – £4,500
Illuminated address to prisoners – £3,000
Votes for Women sash – £3,000
Suffragette jewellery – £1,000-£4,000
Suffragette Society Badges – £100-£2,000
China – £750 for a plate, £1,200 for a cup and saucer, and £4,000 for a teapot
Toys with Suffragette messages – circa £1,000

What affects the value of Suffragette memorabilia?

  • a genuine Suffragette medalThe price of Suffragette memorabilia can vary based on how many of the items were made, the condition they are in, and additional features such as signatures from Emmeline Pankhurst and/or Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence.
  • Items from this period have never been more in demand thanks to the centenary of the Act and the popularity of the movement.
  • Suffragette jewellery can be a minefield for the serious collector of suffrage items. The market is awash with items labelled as ‘suffragette jewellery’ that have no connection whatsoever with the suffrage campaign.
  • True items are those that can be proven were of a type sold by the suffrage societies, like the silver and enamel pendant bearing the ‘Angel of Freedom’ motif designed by Sylvia Pankhurst.

Buying and selling Suffragette memorabilia

Elizabeth Crawford said, “Anyone with suffrage memorabilia in their family, especially if it’s gathering dust in the attic, would do well to get it valued and consider putting it in front of serious collectors at A Suffragette Holloway broochauction or by getting in touch with a reputable dealer. If it’s in good condition, you really could be sitting on a small fortune.”

Will Thomas managing director at said, “We’ve had several items from this important time period sold through the site and have seen an unsurprising increase in demand around the centenary celebrations. It will be fascinating to see what other items we see on the market in the next 12 months, as well as the prices they command.”

The 1918 Act

The Representation of the People Act only gave votes to women who were over the age of 30, were married or who owned property. It paved the way for full suffrage ten years later.

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