Art and Antiques for Everyone returns

A visitor to Art and Antiques for Everyone at the NECArt and Antiques for Everyone, NEC, the largest vetted art, antiques and interiors fair outside London starts this Thursday, November 15, running until Sunday 18.

For the first time, the four-day event will welcome the “weekend collective”, a table-top selection of antique
and decorative pieces, all of which have been vetted.

More than 200 specialist dealers will showcase their stock at the event, with up to 8,000 visitors expected.

Fair director, Mary Claire Boyd, said: “While this has always been a very strong fair for collectors, many exhibitors provide a rich variety of decorative pieces from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. There is a great range of exhibits to inspire the home decorator.”

The event also boasts celebrity talks from industry insiders, including Judith Miller and Will Farmer. In addition to which, more than 300 irons dating from the early 19th century to the mid-1900s will be on display in a foyer exhibition called Pressing Matters.

Art and Antiques for Everyone – Dealer Profile

Five minutes with art deco specialist and regular exhibitor Dave Hornik-Ungerart deco dealer Dave Hornik-unger

Why did you start selling?
I started selling at sci-fi fairs to enhance my children’s Star Wars collection. I then turned to the “dark side” when my own collection of art deco pieces grew too big and I began dealing.

What was your first serious purchase?
The first expensive piece was a wonderful deco bronze by Lorenzl, which was incredibly stylish.

How is the market changing?
The public seems to be losing faith in dealers, preferring to buy at auction or from a website, which is very impersonal. This is why antiques fairs are so essential, because they bring collectors together.

What are the current buying trends?
We are always asked what is the “next big thing”? It’s a question I can’t really understand. Surely you should only buy something you love, not what somebody else likes.

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